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Office Temperature And Office Productivity - An Amazing Observation

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People conduct themselves differently at different ambient (environmental, office, home, school, factory, prison) temperatures. We behave differently at different ambient and body core temperatures. Temperature affects:

1) Our mind's ability to function;

2) Our motor coordination -- the operations which require brain/ body cooperation;

3) Our levels of wakefulness;

4) Our propensity toward aggressiveness;

5) Our ability to be accurate and effective.

As it turns out, the body's core temperature has a tremendous effect on the mind, and the ambient temperature has an effect on the body's core temperature, especially if that thermostat is set on the same number for a long period of time.

An interesting article excerpt from Fast Company follows for your reading pleasure. When you've finished come back for more commentary and some very interesting facts.
Change the thermostat to boost employee productivity
When the temperature in an office is 68 degrees or lower, employees in a Cornell University study made 44% more errors and were less than half as productive as when the temperature was set at a comfortable 77 degrees. Another study found that when people are cold, they're more likely to see others around them as less generous and caring, which can have an effect on workplace relationships. Fast Company online (9/17)

1) When we are colder, we tend to be less violent. They keep the temperatures low in many open inmate areas in prisons to reduce violent interactions;

2) When we are in a hot, humid environment for too long a time (unless we are native to this type of climate), we tend to be less patient, angrier and more physical;

3) Hospitals keep temperatures low because bacteria do not breed or proliferate as quickly in a lower-temperature environment -- Ironically, physicians and nurses are much more liable to make errors (some of which could put patients at tremendous risk) at these colder temperatures.

In summary, trying to save on energy bills at an office or factory may be more than offset by the costs associated with a decline in quality.

Generally speaking, the ideal ambient office temperature for best performance is between 74 and 76 degrees Fahrenheit.

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