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Alerts [essential newsbriefs] for owners, executives and leaders of small- to medium-sized businesses within the USA and internationally about: crucial breaking news stories; important emerging trends; regulatory and legal investigations, activities and changes in compliance requirements; capital and commodities markets and financial exchanges; technological breakthroughs, mergers, acquisitions and deals; “red-flag” leading investment transactions and opportunities; government agency programs and contract offers (RFPs, “set asides,” and vendor opportunities); personal and informational security issues and developments, and expert advice and insights. The most important actionable intelligence for decision making and planning – synopsized and distilled into a rapid-read format. Informational arbitrage to keep you, your investments and your company well ahead of the curve. This material is "must" reading for every entrepreneur, professional and executive in a decision-making, planning, or Project Management role. You should subscribe, either by RSS or once-daily email to InfoSphere Business Alerts. Grow your credibility, your career, and your organization. Early Knowledge, if acted upon, is the Ultimate Power.

Our Founder, host and principal content provider is Douglas E. Castle, who can be accessed either through his Blog (click), or through his Linked In Profile (click).

About Douglas E. Castle

Professional Resume

Douglas E. Castle is a senior level expert in all matters of high-level corporate negotiations, deal structure and finance, strategic planning, international business and major project management. He speaks, consults and writes frequently about these subjects, as well as about key aspects of leadership, crisis management and the Human Condition. He authors a great many blogs on a number of subjects.

Mr. Castle has been, and continues to be a seasoned and acclaimed advisor, director and trustee to emerging enterprises and growing companies worldwide, across a broad variety of industries on matters of organizational development, strategic planning, financing (both institutional equity and debt), international incorporations and negotiating of co-ventures, mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Castle’s current passions are centered upon leveraging his wealth of experience in high-stakes corporate negotiations, deal structure, organizational engineering, strategic planning and financing to foster innovation and entrepreneurial growth and success.

Mr. Castle’s professional resume has encompassed: international banking, asset-based financing, merchant banking (equity), factoring, trade financing, credit enhancement and surety, transactional structuring (mergers, acquisitions, LBOs, ESOPs, management buy-outs, transnational and domestic co-ventures) and the creation of investment instruments. He has written and presented operating plans for, and has chartered a number of international commercial and economic development banks and reinsurance companies in multiple offshore and international jurisdictions, with an aggregate capitalization of in excess of $12.8 billion USD. During the past thirty years, he has also incorporated close to one hundred IBCs (international business companies) across all business sectors. He has worked as a turnaround expert for troubled US and UK companies, and has renegotiated loan terms with banks, other creditors, bondholders and shareholders for these companies, both as pre-bankrupts, and as debtors-in-possession and trustees-in-possession.

Mr. Castle’s current affiliations include: Executive Director of Global Business Intel™, an unincorporated Division of Global Edge Technologies Group, LLC; Director and Senior Consultant of The Castle Consultancy; Managing Director and Member of Global Edge Technologies Group LLC, and others. You can obtain more information about Douglas Castle’s personal, educational and professional background by visiting either http://www.linkedin.com/in/douglascastle, or http://aboutdouglascastle.blogspot.com/.

Some of Mr. Castle’s prior engagements have included: Acting Chairman and CEO of TNNWC Group, LLC; Senior Financial Analyst In Charge Of Special Projects for National Westminster Bank, plc; Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Banking, Finance and Investments at Hofstra University; Director of Capitol Guaranty Surety Company Inc., Director of First Empire Capital Corporation and First Empire Autolease, Inc., Intelligence Contractor for Kroll International Inc. and numerous others.

Mr. Castle received his B.S. in Economics from Stony Brook University (1976), with Omicron Delta Epsilon honors (as well as a New York State Regents Scholarship), and he received his MBA in Public Accounting from The Hofstra University Graduate School Of Business (with a graduate fellowship) in 1979.

Mr. Castle is a passionate and prolific writer about topics relating to Internationalism, Futurism, Leadership, and a variety of other non-financial topics. He authors a number of blogs and is active in social media, publicity and branding campaigns for select clients. A brief sampling of some of these blogs follows:

THE GLOBAL FUTURIST – http://theglobalfuturist.blogspot.com/

THE INTERNATIONALIST PAGE – http://theinternationalistpage.blogspot.com/

TAKING COMMAND! – http://takingcommand.blogspot.com/

MAD MARKETING TACTICS! – http://madmarketingtactics.blogspot.com/

INFOSPHERE™ BUSINESS ALERTS! - http://InfoSphereBusinessAlerts.blogspot.com

BUSINESS AND PROJECT PLANNING - http://BusinessAndProjectPlanning.blogspot.com

LINKS 4 LIFE ALERTS! - http://Links4LifeAlerts.com

SENDING SIGNALS! - http://SendingSignals.blogspot.com

BRAINTENANCE - http://Braintenance.blogspot.com

A comprehensive list of Mr. Castle’s Blogs and RSS Feeds, hosted on both Blogger and WordPress, can be found at http://DouglasCastleRSSFeeds.com.

Note:You may receive a download of Douglas E Castle’s complete curriculum vitae in a .pdf format by clicking on: http://bit.ly/DouglasECastlePDF1

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