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The RSS-fed news tickers which follow are based upon breaking news items which may likely be of interest to our site visitors. They are the product of a combined web-scrubbing of multiple U.S and U.K. news sources and are focused upon one or more topics, with each one being listed in its respective ticker below. These tickers are continuously updated, and the ones below are provided by news aggregator FeedZilla. If a ticker does not appear to be functioning, don't call your cardiologist -- simply left-click on the ticker field once or twice to "wake it up." If one or two good faith attempts fail, then pound your first on the table and resolve never to look at these Feedzilla Frustrators again! *** Other tickers [which appear first] are hosted by Feed Informer, which is a a very high quality organization, but not without its own curious idiosyncracies...

TWITTER CHOICES - AN ENORMOUS VARIETY:                                        

If you would like to receive a much more intensive, technical and comprehensive feed of
specialized, hard-to-find information about the principal subject of this blog (or, for that matter, about any of the other blogs which I either author or administer), simply select one or more Twitterfeeds from TWITTERLINKS HUBSPOT [at] and follow it. These Twitter postings are a rich, fertile source of information for your education, research and planning; they contain news, trends, analysis, predictions, commentary and a wealth of actionable intelligence from news services, blogs, social media and various forums. It is truly worth the visit. Select as many feeds to follow as you’d like -- you are free to unfollow any of them at any time


If you would like a listing of my RSS Feeds, simply click on my Douglas E Castle Blogger Profile, go to the list of my blogs, choose a blog that you would like, click on it (they’re hyperlinked), go to its home page, and select either the RSS Feed Option, or the Daily Email Option -- that should bring you right to the subscription choice you want. Once you’ve subscribed, simply click the “BACK” button on your browser to bring you back to my Blogger Profile, and repeat the process.    



Following is a list of hyperlinks to other RSS Feeds which might well be of great interest to you. Just click on a hyperlink, grab a feed, hit the “BACK” button on your browser, and come back to this page to select one or several more. These are some of the most useful informational resources and tools that you’ll find on the Internet.


World News And Trends: Most Widely-Read Sources
Douglas E. Castle uses INGBOO technology to produce a bundle of top current news and cutting-edge trends [headliners] from a diverse collection of the most widely-read sources of news reporting, as well as the foremost acknowledged authorities on technical and specialized trends and commentary. Click on the link below for the most recent postings. Then simply click the “BACK” button on your browser to bring you back to this page.


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