Friday, September 21, 2012

The Best Wealth-Building Blogs

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Increasing disposable personal income (both active and passively, via investments) and accumulating increasing wealth are two of my favorite subjects. Apparently, my esteemed colleagues and visitors at The InfoSphere Business Alerts And Intelligence Blog, I am not alone.

Recently CBS Money sent me a newsletter which cited some of the best wealth-building blogs which "you may never have heard of." I have cursorily reviewed each and all of these blogs (and I actually am a regular reader of two of them!), and wanted to share them with you. I would suggest that you view each of these blogs and that you bookmark or favoritize (a Lingovation) this article in order to keep this mini-collection of blogs at hand, all together in a neat little bundle. They are all well-written, very practical, plainly spoken, and even a bit humorous. Here they are (cue drumroll):

Best frugality blog: The Centsible Life. I tell people that I'm not cheap, I'm "value-oriented." So this is definitely a blog for people like me who want to have it all, but on a budget.
Best investing blog: Oblivious Investor. This blog offers great investment advice for simple low-maintenance investing. The founder, Mike Piper, has written many successful books, and his site is filled with uncommon common-sense investing. I'm biased here, as I know Mike. think he is brilliant and wish I'd had his wisdom when I was his age. 
Best tax blog: Joe Taxpayer. This blog covers far more than just taxes and explores many great financial topics. Think of it as financial commentary for the average Joe.
Best retirement blog: Good Financial Cents. This isn't your typical "how to live in retirement" blog. It's about taking charge of your life and reaching financial independence. Personally, I like the phrase "financial independence" far more than retirement.
Best blog for young adults: Studenomics.The founder says, "My goal is to put more money in your pocket. I love to see young people grab life by the... and conquer their money." Now that's a mission statement!
People's choice award: Punch Debt in the Face. The site's slogan is "financial education one laugh at a time," and it delivers common sense advice with a dose of humor. Who says money can't be funny?
Blog of the year: Budgets are Sexy. Practical advice and tools to build wealth.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy the use of these resources. I have found that expert, prolific bloggers are oftimes a far better source of truly useful information than mainstream media, newsletters (which are loaded with advertorial content) and social media, where detail is often lacking but where you may occasionally find a good live link to a quality article on a well-written blog.

Enjoy these with my compliments.

Douglas E. Castle , also author of The Daily Burst Of Brilliance Blog

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