Monday, October 22, 2012

Freeware And Free Platforms Won't Be For Long.

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"Free" can be a deadly dependency. The expectation of the continuation of a free service is as disarming as it is addicting. As the author of The Global Futurist Blog, I sift through trending data every day -- but this trend is quite predicable; the social/behavioral model is the crack epidemic in some of the urban areas of the United States. It is an outgrowth of Human Nature (greed), just as it is becoming a fiscal necessity with the recession which has created losses in employment, commerce and even emotional stability. Ironically, "free" can be very, very expensive if you stake your personal or business future upon it.

Yes indeed - Freeware and free platforms won't be for long.

Take a moment and briefly read a post which I put up on one of my "hobby blogs," called The Going Totally Rogue Blog. just announced that it is going to begin charging for a wonderful feed blending, routing and timing resource which many webmasters, bloggers and project managers had been using for free. I strongly believe that this is a natural trend, and that many of the other free services upon which many businesses have been established will begin charging monthly fees for what we've all taken for granted in creating our business models and in formulating pricing policies for our clients and customers. Those halcyon days will soon be gone.

You'll find this post at

Make your contingency plans without delay.

Douglas E. Castle for The InfoSphere Business Alerts And Intelligence Blog 

p.s. Please keep tabs on Going Totally Rogue. It has the promise of being so politically incorrect, that it might be truthful!

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