Monday, July 9, 2012

LINE APP: The App To Rule All Apps! [?] - Some Futuristic Implications, Too

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It is indeed every overburdened technophile's dreams. In an ever-expanding universe of applications, a Japanese company claims to have created the one application you'll need in order to organize and rule all of your others. And in this word where different social media, communications, informational and mobile apps are being germinated and every day and evolving every week through an increased number of techno-Legos in a growing combinatorial bag, simplicity and centralization are what we all crave.

Click on the headline below to learn more, and then come back to visit to learn about the futuristic implications of this development.

This article certainly sounds very promising. We need tools to operate our tools, machines to operate our machine and robots to build and operate our robots. We believe that this gives us power. But it creates more devastatingly dangerous dependencies than ever before.

The notion of having a simple, consolidated, central "dashboard" (by analogy) to let you rule over your growing portfolio of apps can be a dream come true, or perhaps the beginning of a never-ending battleground for the one key which unlocks all of your computational and communications capabilities and records. This could be one powerful key.


Master Application Dominating And Controlling Application Potentiators - MADCAPs

And as increasing layers of evolved, enhanced and recombined apps (a wild, virally-expanding multidimensional DNA-like matrix phenomenon built upon of Moore's Law, Derived Demand, Decreased Technological And Financial Barriers To Entry, expanding possibilities for combinations and dervative technologies with technological Darwinism, and behavioral psychology [visit The Taking Command Blog]) fill limitless cyberspace and endless demand, Master Application Dominating And Controlling Application Potentiators ("MADCAPs" - my Lingovation for these master keys) could become either Humankind's techno-pals or its most dangerous rulers. 

The issues that make this whole dashboard of dashboards or "master key of all keys" panacea a potential slayer instead of savior:

1) It will invite healthy competition for this position of power and endless marketability, but it will draw forth a large number of black hat cyber experts;

2) Part of developing this key requires pulling apps apart and finding ways to hack into them or to commandeer them;

3)  It will ultimately require of granting access (and possible control or hijacking) to all of your informational and communications tools, all of your data and your complete cyberlife. The aggregators of this megadatabase will have vast power, both obvious, and potentially nefarious, i.e., manipulative over every electronically interfaced access of your being.

Sadly, but candidly, those things which we come to depend upon the most are those that have the greatest power to destroy us. 

This is going to be interesting, and is going to be affecting the entire cybercommunity, especially those who are Droidists or iPhonians in the growing mobile market sector.

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