Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Mobile Revolution: Trends, Strategies, Actions For Business Survival

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Technology drives consumerism, just as consumerism (in a feedback loop) tends to inspire technology. There are several trends at play in the Mobile Revolution which will be critical for your business to acknowledge and to incorporate into every aspect of its strategic planning process. There is no escape. Here they come:

1) Devices are getting increasingly smaller;

2) Touchscreen is rapidly growing in popularity and utilization;

3) As of the date of this writing, the number of text messages outnumbers the number of telephone (conversation) calls;

4) Email is becoming the modern-day equivalent of snail mail;

5) Purchasing, subscribing, visiting, researching, reviewing and commenting are increasingly being done via mobile application;

6) Social media is crossing over from laptop and notebook to mobile alerts, status updates, postings and sharing;

7) Despite all of the previous six items, you must also maintain your web and blog presence for those prospective consumers and clients who are hesitant to embrace technological change -- you are obligated to remain accessible to them. Importantly, they represent the wealthier participants in the marketplace. Don't exclude them.

Bottom Line: Become mobile-friendly and mobile-accessible rapidly if you would like to hold and grow your market share and branding, but don't dare let go of such time-tested, slow-to-go traditions as websites, email lists, e-newsletters and alerts, and genuine access by (gasp!) telephone and customer service chat.

A little treat from Ektron follows for your edification and enlightenment. Neither Douglas E Castle (that's me) nor TNNWC (that's my firm) endorse or opine on the merits of any Ektron product, service or on the company itself, nor are we affiliated in any manner with Ektron.


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